Fortek Industrial Company Limited was established in Hong Kong since 1989. We are specialized in magnetic engineering and have more than 30-year experiences in coil and transformer manufacturing.


We produce custom magnetics in high variety and complex design from low to medium volumes. Our production base, about 2600 sq. meter is located in JiangXi, CHINA with about 150 workforce. Our coils and switch mode transformers, MT mounting and Toroids are mainly for aerospace, military, medical, railway, automotive and other applications and customers mainly in Europe and America.


We produce more than 700 types of HIGH MIX custom products a year. Our production lines are highly efficient and flexible to cope with customer's need.

Though we are running small business, we pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standard of quality and services and offering competitive prices. Our workers are well-trained in the latest manufacturing techniques primarily from IPC610. We feel we have the finest workers and they contribute to our overall success in magnetic field. We have continually fulfilled or exceeded the most stringent requirements of our customers.  


We obtained UL certificate (UL File #174717) since 1996 and production facility is ISO9001: 2015 certified. Both are under the company name of our subsidiary - Magfield Electronics Co., Ltd.


Do not hesitate to contact us right now. We are always ready to offer you the ultimate best products and services. You can feel our difference with other companies of same field.