We are capable of below scope:

 Toroidal Winding (automatic & manual)    Vacuum Potting
 Bobbin Winding (automatic & manual)    Flying Leads
 Soldering    Curing
 Termination  Cuffing Foil
 Vacuum Varnishing & Impregnation  Machine Shop

Custom magnetics include coils, air coils, common mode chokes, inductors, self bonded inductor coils

and transformers (planar, switchmode, and power), can be in surface mount and through-hole types.

Tape and Reel and other special packing can be offered per customer requirement.

    Full Range of Testing:



 Leakage Inductance Coupling Test

 D.C. Resistance  HI-POT
 Turns Ratio & Phase Test  Impulse Test
 Capacitance Test  Insulation Resistance
 Distortion  Temperature Rise
 Frequency Response  Exciting Current
 Common Mode Emissions Rejection  EMI Blocking